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Long, we have chosen a diet that is beautiful place to fruits and vegetables, quality meats, whole grain (rice, quinoa, buckwheat …), spices, since it is the cornerstone of ‘a good health…
To put that is tasty and healthy, this requires that special attention be paid to its preparation. In our garden we have about 25 different vegetables. Depending on the season, rockets, Black Tomato Crimea, China Rose radishes, cabbage Milan, Nice Round zucchini Red Verona Chicory ……. For fruit, cherries (4 varieties), potatoes (3 varieties) pears (2 varieties), plums (2 varieties), strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, blackcurrants

For the kitchen, we adopted culinary practices that retain the nutritional benefit of food and luckily, and moreover logically go hand in hand with the preservation of natural and clean flavors of the food.

Thus we find the true taste of products and food. This gives a healthy and tasty food that nourishes our bodies and fills our palate.
We are able to offer you, who so requests, specific meals and flawless, for people allergic to gluten, lactose, and vegetarian or vegan people or otherwise. We serve as a biological drink table wine and we offer you the opportunity to consult our wine list.


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Host tables

An appointment gourmet that combines the pleasures of the table, the house and its harmonious setting in a friendly atmosphere around a delicious gourmet and organic cuisine.

Charming guest rooms

We offer two suites and one bedroom furnished with great care and requirements as to the quality of materials, the choice of colors and style of the furniture.

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    Enjoy the benefits of the peaceful countryside in our Guest House. Three guest rooms classified 3 Ears House, await you.