Guest house

All rooms are equipped with bedding and linen upscale home, air conditioning when natural freshness runs out in the summer. All have private bathrooms. We have tried to use during our works and developments, both in the rooms for our entire house, natural materials (“organic” paints, glazes, whitewashes and lime plasters made by us .. .) not using any chemicals because we know that such molecules are harmful both for people who put in? implement these materials and for those who will reside in these places, even months later.

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Host tables

An appointment gourmet that combines the pleasures of the table, the house and its harmonious setting in a friendly atmosphere around a delicious gourmet and organic cuisine.

Charming guest rooms

We offer two suites and one bedroom furnished with great care and requirements as to the quality of materials, the choice of colors and style of the furniture.

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    Enjoy the benefits of the peaceful countryside in our Guest House. Three guest rooms classified 3 Ears House, await you.